Started Work on The Purity Coalition Screenplay

I love Steampunk. I love almost everything about it. Still, it is getting a bit saturated. I see this a lot in the literature. This is why I am thinking about what happens next.

I have just started work on a screenplay based on a story I have been building for a while. In this story world Steampunk is the past and people are looking for new technologies. Instead of going with cathode ray tubes, internal combustion, and such like is the real world direction, in this world yet another technology takes the lead. Organic technology which  makes living creatures part of the technology.

This screenplay is “The Purity Coalition”.

I have the draft of the opening narration done. I am open to ideas and possibly even working with the right person on this. If this interests you, hit me with an email and I will let you see the opening narration.

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Steampunk Darth Vapor asks, "what's next?" Pic by _Andrew
Steampunk Darth Vapor asks, “what’s next?”
Pic by _Andrew
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