Why Do I Keep Writing New Tunes? Or Better Yet, Where is Dimensional Chaos?

Senator Jaiz “Dimensional Chaos” is still a work in progress. I am starting to feel like Axel Rose working on Chinese Democracy, only without the backing, bank account, or name recognition. Trust me, the album is coming.

So where is it? Good question. I have never quit writing songs. Even as I should have shifted gears and finished the album, I kept writing songs. This would not be a problem except my writing has taken a style turn that I like. The new direction is where I want to go with the album. This means I have yet again delayed production until I can get the final set list created.

Some of the tunes already slated for the original song list will still make the cut. Just to keep things fresh, here are a couple of songs that will still be on the release, albeit possibly altered a bit from the form presented here.


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