Starting 2013 with a BANG!

Hey all. It is a whole new year and for the first time in a long time, I am going in with multiple wins. Let me explain.

I have a new job. A dream job. I now work at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. I am on the Television/Emerging Media Team and I am loving every minute of it! We do everything from museum video, to directing the presentations, to working on the multimedia exhibits, to, well all the cool things!

On top of that, I organized the Triangle Benefit for Newtown along with Alice Osborn and that went off great. I will post more about that once I get the video edited. It was a fun night for a good cause.

Boxing? After being in injury mode for nine months or so, I am now free and clear to start training again. First goal? Get rid of the pounds I put on while being injured, laid off, and depressed from both. I probably won’t be getting back to full fight training for some time. Maybe middle of the year.

As for Senator Jaiz, I will be mastering the tunes I have and releasing them as an EP. The album dimensional chaos is changing. I was laid off and injured thus without a job and unable to train while recording the original tracks. For some reason the tracks were all happy sounding. Now that I am in a dream job and cleared to train again I find my music now is more dark in sound. How is that for weird!

So, the original tracks will be a low-priced EP soon. Some of the tracks will make it to the actual Dimensional Chaos album, but I am recording the new stuff now.

As for RfL, things are changing. I am not the same person that started this trip. I still have an urge to create web media, but I think the media has to change. I am no longer charged up about promoting indie tunes and such. I am charged about other things, I just have to figure out exactly what I want to do. Trust in this, it will be fun, no matter what I end up creating. The Indie Music Blast will never completely go away, but priorities are elsewhere now.

Thanks for being part of the ride so far. Stay tuned, things are about to heat up and you won’t want to miss it!

NC Museum of Natural Sciences, my new office!

NC Museum of Natural Sciences, my new office!




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