Fun Times with Science Online 2013 and The Museum

On Wednesday, February 30 and Thursday, February 31 I got to work with Science Online 2013. This is the conference composed of scientists and science writers that make up the Science Online community.

On Wednesday the NC Museum of Natural Sciences hosted the reception for the event. This included a stand-up performance by our curator of the Daily Planet Theater and science comedian Brain Malow. I worked production on this event with Mike Garr and Eric Knisley. It was a fun evening.

On Thursday I took a freelance job working the open mic event at Cypress Manor in Cary, NC. I started with a one hour and 30 minute DJ set while everyone got settled in. This was fun. The event then shifted to the open mic. Let me say this, when scientists let loose, they really let loose. Seriously. They are a different breed.

After the open mic, I got the chance to play Gangnam Style four times while  20 to 30 people took over the stage each time. There is video of this that I will post later. This was a highlight of the evening, even more so than the scientist in the lemur suit dancing to the Move It song from Madagascar. This was probably the case because the lemur guy was also going Gangnam Style.

Now, this is not to say that the Thursday event went totally smooth. For five minutes or so between the DJ set and the starting of the open mic, I had some pretty embarrassing tech troubles. Still, this was a few minutes in a very successful evening. I wish I knew why the five minutes bother me so much more than the 3 hours and fifty some odd minutes that went great. It is crazy.

Here are some pics of the Wednesday Event. I will get the video of GS up soon.


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