Hoping for a Killer Weekend of Production

One thing that I have struggled with a bit are the long hours I put in at the museum. You know the old adage? Find something you love doing and it will never feel like work. It is totally true.

On that note, I have had trouble getting my personal productions going full blast. I am hoping to tackle that this weekend. I intend to do the few maintenance things I have to do around the house plus get some production done. Things on the list include finalizing the script for episode 6 of the Animated Adventures, get a song DONE, practicing some DJ sets, and a little filming as well.

I will do this!

I dusted off my little handheld HD camera and I intend to start documenting a lot more. Then edit this stuff into little films. This is not priority one like music and animation, but it is still a priority.

Stumpy at the NC Museum of Natural SciencesI am not complaining in any way. I never thought I would work somewhere I love as much as the museum. It is just that I have not devoted enough time to getting balance yet. That is what this weekend is all about. Finding the balance I need to get my personal work done.

Effie and I for similar reasons have decided to cut down our television consumption. We are also weeding out other things that keep us from getting personal things done. We both suffer from putting too much into work and not enough into our personal, and couple, projects.

So yes, not a real problem at all, just a puzzle to solve. Once we do that it will be smooth again. Smooth is good.



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