Indie Music Blast Podcast 475a An Electronic Journey

We are back, with the minimalist styled and accidentally wrong numbered episode 475 of the RfL Indie Music Blast Podcast. Let’s just call it 475a since it should be 476. We have great electronic tunes, we have a talk about hate, narcissism,  and lies, plus a new sponsor in C4 credit, and finally,  the story of what the hell happened last year to the show and why we are minimalist right now.

Enjoy the stripped down version of the music blast and get ready for some great tunes!


Music on the show

Art of Music-Obsession

Senator Jaiz- Sonic Nightmare Glitch Zed

DJ ArtisiqueDuFreaque-3

Sounda-Battle Cry

Dubtrack-Ghostly Caravan

Guitorb-A Dusty Finish 


New Sponsor! The C4 Report

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  1. Thanks for featuring my band,Guitorb.

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