Our Friend, Mascot, and Greatest Dog Ever, Elway has Passed Away.

Elway got an ear infection a week or so ago. When we brought her to the vet, they also found she had thyroid problems. They started treatment and Elway was recovering well. Then she started showing odd behaviors. We could not pin them down, but they were getting worse, fast.

She was showing signs of confusion and having accidents in the house. Elway never had accidents. The problem is these symptoms could have been from the ear infection, or a reaction to the new thyroid medication. It turns out it was her brain, and it was getting bad quick. On Saturday Morning Elway had a seizure. We rushed her to the hospital and they got to work. They were thinking epilepsy.

We will never know as her condition deteriorated so fast there was no time to figure out what was causing this.

We got the call from the Vet hospital at 3:41 am Sunday. Elway was in a continuous seizure and they could not bring her out. We decided to end her suffering.

Elway was a great dog, and an even better friend. The things we find we are already missing the most are the things that actually annoyed us a bit. Her not letting us sleep in, having to put items on the couches when we left the house so she would not sleep on them, and so on. Also all the sweet things she did

We never met anyone that did not love Elway once they got to know her. She had a tough start, we rescued her after someone badly burned her as a puppy. She had her enormous scar as proof. She still loved everyone she came into contact with. She never held a grudge.

We will miss her so much. We are getting her cremated. We are keeping some of the ashes and spreading the rest at her favorite walk spot, the boardwalk portion of the Buffalo Road Sport Park.

This is so tough.

Elway Tribute


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