Radiohead, WHY? No Glee Here

I love Radiohead.

That stands as its own paragraph. I will repeat. I love Radiohead.

I don’t dislike Glee. It is not in my orbit. I just don’t “Glee.” ( I know that is nowhere near grammatically correct, but it fits)

Some music that is licensed to Glee fits the show perfectly. Sometimes artists do not want their music associated with the show. Either way, that is usually fine with me. Whatever floats the boat or gets the results or ratings or sales.

I am fine with it.

Again, I do not feel bad that Glee exists. I just don’t “Glee.” (Still not grammatically correct) For those that do “Glee,” I am happy you like the show.

I do love Radiohead though. That is what makes this hurt. If ever a song screamed, “do not license me to Glee,” it would be their iconic song, Creep. Radiohead should have become one of the Glee holdouts.

But, they did not.

Radiohead have sort of jumped the shark. Not because the have lost relevance, or become soft, or lost their edge. They have hopped over–not a full jump–by making a licensing decision.

The travesty is below.



Header photo scream by Joshua Rappeneker

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