So Take a Guess What Happened to the Indie Music Blast

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You don’t really have to guess, I will tell you. A catastrophe is what happened. A demoralizing, show ending catastrophe. At least it seemed like it. I am not a fan of the term “First World Problems,” but in this case I may have blown things out of proportion.

If you are a longtime fan of the show, or reader of this blog, or fan of Senator Jaiz, or the monologues, or–you get the picture–you know the Indie Music Blast had a great run last year. Not as good as the glory days between 2005 and 2008, but it was feeling like the old days again. Then? BAM! Nothing, nada, zip. I did not burn out like before. The catastrophe hit and sapped all the energy I had left to produce the show.

Alright, I will let you in on the catastrophe. I lost everything related to producing the show in a hard drive crash. I know that sounds amateur. Go ahead, say it, why did you not have back ups?

I got you on this. I did have backups, on two separate external hard drives. What happened next shocked even me, and I don’t shock easily. Within two hours of my hard drive crash in my trusted SexywhiteHP, both the external drives met their demise as well. I freaked out a bit.

I lost all of my show bumpers from eight years of producing. I lost all my show intros and effects. I lost all the music I had collected from the indie artists I had played over the years. Some of those artists are no longer around. I felt like crap. The reason I stopped producing is I did not have the energy to start at square one again. I could have ripped the bumpers and intros from old shows but the sound would have suffered. I could have remade them. I could track down the music again.

Instead I focused on Senator Jaiz and my music production, my monologues, freelancing, and my new museum job.

Remember the old days?
Remember the old days?


I am not superstitious, but this was a bad break. I don’t look at it as a sign, but this sucked the life out of the project worse than when things went bad with Mevio. I did not feel it anymore.

If you have been around any amount of time, you know I rarely stay down. this is no exception. The drive to produce the Indie Music Blast is BACK!

Still, some things are changing. The old show is gone. The recordings are still up, yes, but the old spirit is gone. I am different, the world is different, and thanks to the catastrophe, if things were the same I could not do a damn thing about it anyway.

I am producing again, but things are different. That is what I am sticking with. Stay tuned and see what is coming. This is not your old RfL Indie Music Blast, that is for sure.

Also, look out for some Senator Jaiz DJ mixes soon. I will start posting some of the mixes in Mixcloud and cross post them here as well.

Life is like a roller coaster, just try not to scream like a little girl. That is the philosophy I am embracing from now on. Life does what it wants regardless, so hold on tight and flow with it.

Maybe one day I will stop fighting the current, new philosophy or not.


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