Beware the Void

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A bit of free form prose for the day.

The Void


A Void is a horrible thing.


This is especially true when the void is in someone. Or when the void is the emptiness one feels when trying to create something.


Some call it a block. Others a lack of motivation.


I only know it sucks. It sucks really bad.


The worse part of the void is that it actively works against your best efforts to fill it. It strives to maintain.


Do not let it maintain.


Do not let the momentum drop. Do not let the inertia end.


A body in motion tends to stay in motion.


A body at rest is giving in to the void.


Destroy the void.






Be dynamic.


Do not let the void remain empty.


Fill it. Fill it even if all you have is crap. The more crap you fill into the void the better your chances of transcending the crap.


You will find the gems.


You may have to polish your crap to make a gem, but that is the price. Volume fills the void. Polishing makes the volumes smell like a rose.

And like that we fill the void.

Void, by Void Blatherer
Void, by Void Blatherer
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