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I have moved my Indie Music Blast Podcast production to my iPad using Bossjock studio. This is going to seriously streamline my workflow on the show. With the museum job, working on Dimensional Chaos, and working on other side projects I need to be able to create the Indie Music Blast with as little time usage as possible.

We have some eclectic electronic music today and I talk about the many different forms of electronic music. It is not either Skrillex or Deadmau5 There is a large world of electronic.

Ever wonder how much the top DJ/producers make? I have that for you.

Let’s go!

Music on the show:



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  1. Indeed! you are so right on about the electronic genre. So many different kinds of music falls under the umbrella. The electronic I knew and I still think are the foundation, are the ones I heard from Massive Attack, Morcheeba, and host of others with dub and electronic influences. so funny how we knew about Daft Punk(also a fav) a long time ago but now the mainstream media caught up and through them in the mainstream. Unfortunately it seems it is only the music that is above 120 BPM that is known as electronic by the new fans and music ‘artist’ who just came along. Thanks for the support as always..Great show.

  2. Glad you liked the show. And yeah, as diverse as the electronic scene is, most people never even scratch the surface. A lot of the best stuff requires a bit of searching, but it is worth it. I always enjoy featuring your stuff on the electronic shows. Cheers!

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