Senator Jaiz Collaboration with Poet Alice Osborn Almost Complete

There is more happening now at Reaching for Lucidity than just the Dimensional Chaos album. Did I tell you that RfL is now a stand alone label? Well I just did, so there.

Other news is RfL is working on a collaboration producing a CD for poet Alice Osborn. I worked with Alice on a one-off poem before, but this project is much bigger in scale. The project is in the mixing stages and should be mastered this weekend. Keep an eye out for this as it will be GOOD. Alice’s site is Check there to see when the CD will be released. This will consist of eight of Alice’s poems with some ambiance and  Music beds from Senator Jaiz.

Dimensional Chaos is now sitting at 35 minutes in length. I want to add more. To me 35 minutes is not giving the listener enough value. The additions will be done this weekend and are taking me in directions I never thought I would go. Wish me luck, seriously, wish me luck.

Will update you all again soon!




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