Pics of my Current Rig

I have gone over to Akai Professional almost exclusively to run Ableton Live. In this pic is my Akai Synthstation, Akai LPD8, Akai APC20, and my iPad which runs Akai Synthstation and iMPC. I have Ableton Live 9 suite on my Toshiba Lappy. Rounding out the main rig is a Samson USB mic, my Coloud and Skullcandy headphones (not in pic), and my Cerwin-Vega! monitors.

I still have my other equipment, and I still use it all. This is just what I use the majority of the time. I still have my M-Audio O2, Numark iDJ3 decks, Line 6 Amp, Epiphone Les Paul, Fannin acoustic, Digitech multi effects processor, Blue mics, Stagg mics, Behringer mixer, and my smokey amp. For my portable recording and museum work I use Magix Samplitude, Zoom H4n,and a Tascam iPod audio Interface.

That is where I am now. This setup does the job. As always, Enter the Dragon is on constant loop muted in the background.

The Reaching for Lucidity Command Center

The Reaching for Lucidity Command Center

And one from Instagram

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