Senator Jaiz 2014 Weekly Free Download 5, “You May Touch It”

I have long had an idea for a song rattling around in my head. The idea was to take the scene between Alice and the Mad Hatter from the 1974 adult version of Alice in Wonderland and out it to music. The scene is just hilarious.

Problem is, I did it, almost a year ago. I have not been able to get it just right and having the tune unfinished has got to me lately. So I am releasing it as the 5th free download of the year.

I have not talked about this here yet as I was doing this on Soundcloud, but I am releasing a free song a week in 2014. All I ask is you enjoy the downloads and to please check out the Reaching for Lucidity releases this year.

Here is You May Touch it!


Here is a playlist with all the free releases so far to catch you up!



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