Senator Jaiz Wake Up For The Weekend Mix!

So I, Senator Jaiz, am here in bed on Saturday morning and it is almost breakfast time. All is good, right? Well, no, I am actually on day four of being laid up with a back injury. Still, it is Superbowl Weekend and besides my back, all is good.

So, hell, let me drop a MIX! Today we have a 25 minute mix of Minimal Techno and Trance!

I have my laptop here and a set of headphones (to not disturb Effie) and away we go!

Now, since I don’t have my controllers with me, and I have no way to A/B my cues, I have decided to give Flow a try over my main workhorse, Traktor.

I got Flow just for these occasions where I want to drop a set but I do not have a full set of tools. I think Flow worked out great!

So enjoy, here is Senator Jaiz with the Wake Up fr the Weekend Mix! Superbowl Weekend Mix! Go Broncos!


Wake Up For the Weekend Mix by Senator Jaiz on Mixcloud

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