Dimensional Chaos – The Songs – One – Dimensional Stroll for Mariella

Big week here at Reaching for Lucidity. The first release under the label is dropping Friday. It is Senator Jaiz, Dimensional Chaos! I have been working on this project for a long time and this year things all clicked. I started this label, I signed Skidmatik, I finished this EP, and this is just the beginning.

I figured in the run up to the release I would give a bit of info on each tune. Today is the first tune on the EP, Dimensional Stroll for Mariella.

This is a happy tune, hence the “happy mix” designation. This is the only happy tune on the album as I tend to write darker and more menacing sounding tunes. This one is written for one purpose only, to make my god kids dance. It is also the only one hundred percent unapologetically dance oriented song on the EP. At eight minutes long it is by far the longest track on the album and is all beat and boogie.

I named it after my oldest godchild, Mariella. Don’t let that fool you though, it is for all three of my god kids, Joshua and Julianna as well. I just did not have enough room to name it as such.

Me and Mariella

Me and Mariella

So, enjoy the first tune when the album drops this Friday! I will be back soon with the story of the second tune, Wait for the Bolly to Holly Dimensional Freefall.

Check this link below on Amazon. Everything is in place.

Dimensional Chaos on Amazon


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