DIMENSIONAL CHAOS – THE SONGS – Two-Wait for the Bolly to Holly Dimensional Freefall

We are getting closer to the Friday release of Dimensional Chaos so here is a bit about song two, Wait for the Bolly to Holly Dimensional Freefall. This one may get a bit technical.


The inspiration for this song came from the CBS show, The Big Bang Theory. There is an episode where Rajesh is pining for Bernadette and imagines a dance scene set to Indian music. My thought for this song were to create a tune that would fit in that scene. Of course the fact that I know next to nothing about Indian music whether it be pop or traditional is a factor. I decided to make a dance style tune that features a sitar sounding instrument.


Now the problem comes up that I need to create a sitar sounding instrument. I decided that I wanted to use my guitar on this tune. I have a multi-effects processor that has a sitar setting, but it was not working too well. I went ahead and recorded the guitar clean without effects. I tried to recreate the sitar sound in Ableton by adding effects to the guitar track, but I was not having any luck.


I then stumbled on a really good sound in the Ableton sampler known as Simpler. In Ableton Live 9, there is a new feature to convert audio to midi. I used this to turn my guitar part into a midi phrase that I could run through Simpler and viola, it worked, plus the phrase kept the feel of the guitar as well. That phrase became the center of the song. The rest of the guitar parts were left as is.


That is where the naming of the song came in. Bolly to Holly is a play on Hollywood and Bollywood. The clean guitar parts being the Holly parts and the sitar sounding middle of the tune referring to the Bolly.


Is it Indian music? Nah? But I do think it would fit with my original intention, which was to create something that could fit into that scene from The Big Bang Theory. Mission accomplished.


To read about song one, click here. Stay tuned for song three, Craft of the Dimensional Spy.



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