Where are All the Indie Music Blast Shows?

This is a logical question. Everyday I see folks in my stats going to  check out the Indie Music Blast shows. Not as many as when the show was active, but still a few.

It is probably not a good experience as the show files are not there any longer.

This is because Mevio has shut down and killed the servers that my show, as well as all others that  signed to Mevio, live. Thus my posts here are just broken links.

At first I thought of just removing the show links for the 485 shows. I really did not like that options as the show is a part of my history and showcased some top-notch indie music.

Moving the show to another host would be prohibitively expensive. I do not get the kind of traffic on the old shows that would need a lot of bandwidth, so I think I have come up with a plan.

I am going to start uploading the shows to The Internet Archive. A couple already live there. This is not a quick process, but I am starting the move soon. It will be nice having the Indie Music Blast available again. It may sound silly to say this, but those shows are part of my legacy. I think the archive will do well in preserving that legacy.

Cheers to all that were fans of the show. Hopefully once they are again available a few new ears will be added to the list of indie music Lovers.



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