Two New Senator Jaiz Singles!

Two new Senator Jaiz singles drop today. The songs are Long Days and From San Antonio to Raleigh.

Long Days is actually a re-release.  We mastered the original version too hot and we pulled it shortly after release. To keep the momentum up with our releases we opted to go with the songs that were ready to go and wait on Long Days. That wait is over.


From San Antonio to Raleigh was a song I composed on a flight from, you guessed it, San Antonio to Raleigh. I was flying back from a visit to my god kids and wanted to do a song for the visit. A long plane ride and the Korg Gadget on my iPad were what I needed.


I love the Korg Gadget as I can port my music to Ableton Live for the final touches. I wrote the song entirely on that flight, but I put it on the back burner for mixing as I had other tunes to get ready for release. Now, this song is ready as well!

You can listen to the songs on Spotify or Apple Music. You can buy through many online retailers as well. Here is the iTunes link!

Senator Jaiz on iTunes!

In the next couple of days, look for the new Skidmatik release, Shootin the Gift!

The Summer of RfL keeps rolling!

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