Hello China! Welcome.

We are huge in China! Well maybe not. Let me explain.

There is a running joke for those that have been in the music business for a long time, especially as a smaller, independent artist. That joke has been diluted over the years with the global reach of the internet, but back in the day it was very well known. This joke has even been used in movies such as Singles.


The joke is, “We are huge in Japan.”

If you are in the know you are now nodding in agreement. If you are not in the known you are probably shaking your head.

It was common from the 90’s back to hear artists or groups that were not well known to say they were big in Japan. This was to pump themselves up for fans, to get gigs, or to reach out to the press. It was not an easily verifiable statement before the internet made claims like that null and void.

The statement was not without precedent. There were many acts that never made big it in their home countries that were huge in Japan. Many acts that we think of as one hit wonders actually had popularity in Japan. Look at the Runaways. They were a curiosity in the late 70’s in the U.S. but in Japan they were stars.

It was not just Japan. Many acts were regionally popular. AHA, who had a hit with Take On Me in the states went on to a long career in Europe. The Hoff, David Hasselhoff, has his own running joke about being big in Germany. But it was true.


Why do I bring this up? Everyday I check the stats for this site and we have a LOT of hits from China. Is it Skidmatik? Senator Jaiz? The music? The old Indie Music Blast? (probably not as all episodes are down at the moment) We would love to know.

So, hello China! We love that you are visiting every day. We would love to learn more about those of you that are visiting. Is it the tunes? The stories? Let us know.

I won’t go as far as to say we are huge in China, but we would love to make this relationship go both ways. So hey, introduce yourself. Hit us up in the comments on the post, or email Eban at ebancrawford@gmail.com.

No matter what, we are happy that you visit us every day! We feel honored by your presence.


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