Two New Senator Jaiz Singles Today Before Sept. 10 Blaise Artica Album Release

The Summer of RfL is still rolling as we have two new Senator Jaiz singles released today. Marble Monolith and Sonic Nightmare Glitch Zed (2015 remix) are the last singles before SJ’s album, Blaise Artica drops on September 19.

We are having so much fun with this summer of releases. We hope you are enjoying them.

You can purchase or listen to the new singles at the following sites:

On Apple Music or iTunes

On Spotify

On Bandcamp

On Tidal

And on many other retail sites.

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A word on Piracy. We understand if you choose not to purchase music. We get that. Using Apple music, Spotify, or the Bandcamp previews, you can listen to the music without purchasing and still help us out by giving us stats and advertising revenue. Please use these sources to listen rather than turn to pirated versions. We would appreciate it.

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