Senator Jaiz Updates

Collaboration with Fashion Designer Timmy Cohen

The Summer of RfL is behind us and we are on the push towards the new year. Senator Jaiz has several projects in the works. One project is a collaboration with Fashion Designer Timmy Cohen from Spoonflower to provide music for Cohen’s future runway show. Cohen is one of the bright young stars in the Raleigh art scene and is poised to make waves this coming year. This is an exciting project and we will keep the updates coming as the project matures. Remember the name Timmy Cohen as you can now say you knew him back when…

New EP Highlights iPad Music Creation

Senator Jaiz is going in a new direction for his next release. This will be an EP completely produced on the iPad. From recording to mastering, this will be called the iPad sessions. We say sessions as this will not be a one off, but a series released periodically. The iPad has become an amazing composition and recording tool and this series will highlight that power. The song From San Antonio to Raleigh from the Senator Jaiz album, Blaise Artica, was written in the iPad app Korg Gadget. See below.

Soundtrack to Education! Colaboration with Dr. Roland Kays

Senator Jaiz is also back producing for The Museum of Natural Sciences as he is composing a soundtrack to accompany Dr. Roland Kays’ lecture on coyotes. This will be a first for the museum, Dr. Kays, and Senator Jaiz and should be a lot of fun. The soundtrack will be performed live by Senator Jaiz during Dr. Kays’ lecture.

Not to be forgotten, Skidmatik is hard at work also. The next update will be his projects.

So with that, cheers!

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