Moogfest 2016 is almost here

We are in the countdown to Moogfest 2016 and Senator Jaiz is there all four days!

There is so much music and tech goodness stuffed into those four days it is almost too much to digest.

Here is what Reaching for Lucidity has going. Senator Jaiz will be there with Christina Cucurullo at 10am-12pm each day with the 10 Minute Music Station. In this workshop, based around Ableton Live, they will take a small group and multi-track sixteen bar loops which will then be uploaded to Soundcloud so everyone that participates can listen, download, and remix all the contributions. As a plus, on Sunday, SkidMatiK will be at the workshop as well!

Senator Jaiz will also have the Expressiv Midi guitar from Rob O’Reilly Guitars at Moogfest and will be giving demos to select folks.

Also, the Mammal Music exhibit from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences will be at Moogfest each day from 7am-6pm. This was designed for the museum by Senator Jaiz and features loops created by SJ that can be mixed with ambient and natural sounds along with multiple animal sounds. It is a mammal DJ station and was very popular in the museum.

So come to see Senator Jaiz and make some music. And hey, THREE nights of Gary Numan!

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