Senator Jaiz Spontaneous Audio One

Here is a new offering from Reaching for Lucidity. Senator Jaiz is preparing some new performances and is sharing them. These are the Spontaneous Audio sessions.

Some of these will be music and video only, while others will feature SJ Monologues. The rules are there is no editing and they are completed, audio, video, and monologues, as a single performance. just as if performed for an audience.

This first Senator Jaiz Spontaneous Audio is music and video alone. SJ created this performance using Takete on the iPad to control music and video. This is put through Ableton Live where live instruments and mic tracks are added. The audio is recorded in Ableton Live and the video in Takete. The only post production will be to combine the live recorded audio and video after recording.

So enjoy these. hopefully you can see these types of improv performances live in the near future after Moogfest 2016.

***EDIT***We are now booking shows and the 10 Minute Music Workshop. Go to the Contact or Booking Info page to get in touch!

Oh yeah! Remember Moogfest 2016! Senator Jaiz will be there with the 10 Minute Music Station as well as Mammal Music. It is going to be a blast! It is May 19-22 in Durham, NC. Tickets are running low so get yours NOW! Gary Numan for three nights!!!!



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