New Senator Jaiz Single Sparkless Ignition Plus One Released

Senator Jaiz has released his first post Moogfest 2016 music. It is the single Sparkless Ignition with the B-side Clouded Generation. These songs could be called Yin Yang as they have an opposite feel.

Sparkless Ignition is a play on the dark cloud that can hover on the edges of good times. The dread that exists even when everything seems to be going well. Clouded Generation is a bit more hopeful. Not totally light, but calming and measured.

The release is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Apple Music, and all the other normal places.

Here it is on Spotify…

Here are a couple of videos from in the studio of the making of the single.

And here is another video of a new Senator Jaiz single coming on Friday! This one is Be Smooth.



If you are new to Senator Jaiz music, here is a spotlight playlist on Spotify:




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