Indie Music Blast! Episode 482 Urban Show–Indie Hip Hop and Rap!

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We are back with another Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast! Podcast and we are going urban. It is our Indie Hip Hop and Rap show and we have some fine artists for your ears today. We have a new project from one of our all-time favorite artists and a bunch of new sounds. We also hear a bit from SKIDMATIK! as well. RfL has to represent!

In our odd news today, we learn of a Mexican man with the worlds largest penis and the trials of that affliction. Plus his dreams of becoming an American porn star at the age of 54. Better get here before that wall goes up. The inauguration happened yesterday fella.

Enjoy the show!

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Music on today’s episode.

SkidMatiK–Shootin The Gift

Fly Never Dies–Cheers

Ain’t No Love–Champion Babylon

K.I.R.K.–Let Me Tell Ya


J Mano-Goals

Dollar Boyz–Soul Survivor


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