RfL Indie Music Blast! Podcast 481, The Coffee House

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The second episode back!

It is episode 481 and we have a Coffee House lined up for the Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast! Podcast. The Coffee House is our show filled with nice smooth and chilled music. We have a mix of our old standards and some new first time artists today. We hear artists from England, Australia, and Russia in addition to U.S. artists.

Enjoy the show!

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We have music from:

Adrina Thorpe with “Did You Think” 

(Purchase Link)


Vienna Ditto with “Wintertime”

(Purchase Link)


The Womb with “Cool Change”

(purchase link)


Eddie Ramirez wit “A Box”

(purchase link)


PK Jazz Collective with “Winter Has Come”

(purchase link)


Michael Harren with “Go”

(purchase link)


Senator Jaiz with “Nice Winter Fireside”…Wait, You are here already!

(purchase link)


Eastern Coyote Live at NC State Jan. 19 7:00pm


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