RfL Indie Music Blast! 483 Eclectic Indie Rock From Around the World

It is time for another Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast! Podcast. This is episode 483 and we are going on a tour of the world for some great Indie Rock.

We go from Portland, Oregon to Mexico, England, Indonesia, and Chile! These bands all have great music in common!

I also talk about why I am skipping the Super Bowl for the first time ever and I read off some great news headlines. Add in some celebrity birthdays and the show is complete!

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News Headlines:

Swarm of bees halts cricket match in South Africa

Cup stacking champ breaks record in under 5 seconds

British man drives tank through town to local gas station

Oregon man’s Tinder date takes his clothes, wallet, iPhone

England police blow up ‘suspicious car’ parked by Officer


Music on today’s episode.

Overcome by Roads (Roads the Band)

Personal Ghost by Dolphant

Wayback by Vaguely Strangers

Taifun and Nyala Suara by Barasuara

New In Town by The Orange Rocket

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