The First Feature Length Movie Score From Senator Jaiz! Five Nights at Freddy’s The Fan Movie by Grey Rich

I have been scoring short films and videos for a while now. A lot of those are from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. I also design exhibits and performances based around my music.

But lately, I have been working on a project that I can now share with you.

Last year, a young friend decided to make a movie. He had done some short films but his dream was full movies. Grey Rich started down the path that would lead to Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Fan Movie, based on the popular video games by Scott Cawthon.

Grey asked me to score the movie. I was happy to do it as I always want to be supportive of young creators, old ones as well.

What came out, in the end, is a One Hour Thirty-seven-minute feature film done by a high schooler between the age of 15-16. Well done Grey!

Also, I came out of this with a desire to get more into scoring and soundtracks for feature length films and shorts away from the museum. I loved working on the short videos before this but this was my first feature length film, and I am hooked.

The first video below is the movie. The second is my offer to do a few shorts and features on my own dime for the exposure. Enjoy!


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