New Surprise Single from Senator Jaiz! With a Video! Dark Silence

How about a surprise to start the week. How about a new Senator Jaiz tune, complete with a totally mental weird video? We got you covered.

This is the song Dark Silence. It is hitting stores as we speak. It is as of this writing on iTunes, Apple Music, and Google. It will be in Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, and all others soon! It is also available on the Senator Jaiz Bandcamp store as “pay what you like!” and will be on Soundcloud tonight.

Of course it is on Youtube as I said above, this one comes complete with a weird and totally mental video. It looks like Senator Jaiz music is now going to resurrect RfL Animated Adventures. That has us stoked!


Here are some links:

On Apple Music and iTunes
On Spotify
On Bandcamp
On Tidal Music


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