The Final End of The Indie Music Blast is Next Week

The title is correct. Recently I began missing podcasting. The logical thing to do was to restart the Indie Music Blast. That unfortunately has not worked out.

I thought enough time had passed that the feelings and reasons I let the show drift off had gone. Nope. Those reasons and feelings are still there. Doing the Indie Music Blast had stopped being fun, that is still the case.

I feel that I have to finally put a real end to it. That will be next week.

I do miss podcasting, and something will replace the Indie Music Blast. More on that as my plans come together.

The final episode will feature a someone I met at Moogfest last year. A guy I hold in high regard, John Keston. It will also have some of my new music, and finally, the reasons why the Indie Music Blast became a chore.

See you for the next/last episode. Then, on to the future!

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