Senator Jaiz is BACK at Moogfest 2017!

That is right. Senator Jaiz is back for all four days at Moogfest 2017. I am bringing an updated version of the 10 Minute Music Station from last year. The new workshop is titled “No Permission Needed: CREATE!” The change was brought on by things I have witnessed in giving the workshop over the last year since Moogfest 2016.

This year the workshop is all about creativity and expressing that creativity without seeking permission. We are all born with a creative soul, but some of us have it ripped away over the years. It is time to reclaim it.

So if you are heading to Moogfest 2017, I would love for you to stop by and say hello, and help us create some great music!

I could not do this without the help of my partners this year. Michael Harren and Jacob Ganaway will be on hand to get those creative juices flowing within you. We are going to have a bigger blast than 2016 and we invite you to share with us!



Remember last year?

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