It is a Hell of A Week! Senator Jaiz WRAL Music Credit — New IMDb Entry — And Three New Singles!

Sometimes good things come in bunches. That is the case right now. In addition to getting more live shows booked, a few things happened over the last day. Here is what is up.

Senator Jaiz is now on IMDb! I got the listing for composing the soundtrack to the “Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Fan Movie.” That Right there has me stoked! Here is a video of the music and the full movie!

The Film Music:


The Full Movie:

Then I was told today at work that I did great on WRAL last night on the Scott Mason Special on “Race – Are We So Different?” That took me by surprise as I had no idea I was on that special. I probably had a confused look. Well I got to my office and looked up the special, and there I was. But it gets better, Scott Mason used my song “From San Antonio to Raleigh” for a segment! They did credit me as Eban Crawford instead of Senator Jaiz, but hey, a credit is a credit. Here is the video below, the song, and my appearance come in at 14:13 or so.

In addition, the special is a really good look at race in modern times. It is a good show.

And it does not end here…

I just released three new songs this morning. I released them as singles rather than an EP. The songs are experimental in nature, using drones and ambiance. I am working on these tunes as I am getting more gigs from the experimental crown here in Raleigh. Here they are…

So, that about does it for this update. Hopefully, more good things come this way soon!


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