New Senator Jaiz Projects Lining Up (and some SkidMatiK as Well!)

It is time to get into creativity again. Senator Jaiz and SkidMatiK have been busy living life, performing, and all kinds of other fun and not so fun stuff. But now? Now it is the season to start getting creative again!

Senator Jaiz is set to start scoring the sequel to “Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Fan Movie” and has started work on a new EP. To shake up the creative juices this EP will be made using Beathawk by UVI, and iMPC Pro by Akai Pro and Retronyms. These are systems that he has never used before. By using new tools, we will get all new sounds! Below is a work in progress using Beathawk!

SkidMatiK is also flexing his iMPC muscles and is looking to come up with some new sounds and beats! Jeff is getting his serious groove on and that can only mean sweet tunes ahead!

New music from RfL, that is always a great thing!


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