Big Announcement of Six Composer Project!

Big Update!

In the words of the man that came up with the term ambient music, Mr. Brian Eno:

“Ambient music evokes an “atmospheric”, “visual”, or “unobtrusive” quality. Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.”

With that, let’s get to it!

I have been working on a project that I have wanted to talk about for a while now. I finally can!

At the museum we have a new exhibit opening up Saturday called “Mazes and Mind Games.’ I was asked to contribute two projects to the exhibit.

One is a youth DJ station much like Mammal Music from the Extreme Mammals exhibit. I ended up taking that to Moogfest, NC State, and other places. Where Mammal Music was based around animal sounds, for this project kids, and adults as well, can blend robotic lyrics with the music and effects. This will be a crowd pleaser.

The second request was for a soundscape for the exhibit area. I agreed to do this, but not as a museum employee like the youth DJ stations. I would do this as Senator Jaiz, and I would recruit five composers to help me. We would make an ambient soundscape fusing all of our diverse styles and talents.

I got five of the best from the U.S. East Coast. I got AfroDJMac from Long Island. Michael Harren from Brooklyn. Petridisch from Boston. Dejacusse from Durham. And SkidMatiK from Raleigh, AND RfL!

I gave each of them a key to write their piece, a BPM range, and said think drone or space music. With those instructions, they each wrote a piece. Their differing styles bringing an exciting element to the project. I wrote one movement myself, and then I added bass, melody, and sound effects to their pieces to tie the project together. The finished work, “Soundscapes for Mazes: Liberamente 1-6,” will be debuted at the exhibit opening on Saturday.

That is not where this ends. On Wednesday, January 24 we will release the work to the world. You will be able to find it on streaming sites such as Spotify, as well as online retailers.

We are proud of this project, and we hope you enjoy it as well. The talent involved is mindboggling. This was also a fun project. Working with co-conspirators of this caliber is refreshing.

Here is a video…


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