Soundscapes for Mazes in Six Movements is now AVAILABLE! featuring AfroDJMac, Michael Harren, Dejacusse, Petridisch, and Skidmatik!

Soundscapes for Mazes in Six Movements

Today is the release for the album “Soundscapes for Mazes in Six Movements,” featuring AfroDJMac. Michael Harren, Dejacusse, Petridisch, and SkidMatiK. This album is the ambient sound bed for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences’ exhibit, “Mazes and Brain Games.”

I came up with the idea to include these great artists as I wanted to hear sounds that surprised me. I know what my music sounds like, I wanted something different this time, still with my signature touching each piece. The way it worked is I gave each composer a key to write in, and BPM range, and told them to think of Drone, Arps, or Space Music. It really worked. When I got the individual pieces I added some Bass, Melody, and Sound Effects (from AfroDJMac’s Risers Ableton Pack) to tie all the pieces together in one 44 minute Soundscape.

The album today has all six pieces, Liberamente 1-6. Please enjoy this relaxing ambient album.

Brian Eno describes ambient music as:
music that can be either actively listened to with attention or as easily ignored, depending on the choice of the listener and that exists on the “cusp between melody and texture”.

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