New Senator Jaiz Youtube Channels! Indie Music Blast and Relaxing Soundscapes

That is right, two NEW Youtube channels. I have been working behind the scenes to get these going as part of my action plan this year. As action plans go, also expect a new cleaner designed RfL SOON!

The first of the new channels is The Indie Music Blast with Senator Jaiz. This is a resurrection of the name of the old podcast, but it is a bit different in format. Of course, this is video, but also, I will highlight an indie release each episode and  I will talk about the ins and outs of being a DIY Indie musician these days.

The first episode features RfL favorite and co-conspirator, Petridisch and his album 458! I also introduce myself to new viewers.


The second channel is starting with less of a roar, as is fitting considering the content. I have started a channel for ambient compositions along with isochronic tones and binaural beats. This channel is Relaxing Soundscapes by Senator Jaiz. Here is one of the videos.




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