Update!!!: We Got The Reaching for Lucidity dot Com BACK!!!

Years ago when the podcast was dying down and Effie and I were just returning the U.S. after living in England for three years, money was a bit tight. My renewal came up for Reaching for Lucidity dot Com and since we were a bit tight on money after the move and the podcast was starting the slow descent to ending, I did not renew right away. Before I could renew and name merchant bought it up and I lost the domain.

The name distributor wanted $1500 to give it back. That was not in the budget for sure.

I would check every now and then to see if the domain was released. This week it was, and I got it back!

Here is the announcement on YouTube, and then a bit of the writing process for the May performance of Eastern Coyote Live with Dr. Roland Kays in Oklahoma!



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