New Animations Coming Soon!

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As the title says, “New Animations Coming Soon!”, and I can tell you right now, they are not what you may expect. I am having a ball producing new animated content. I will not release all of my animations through … Continued

Podcaster Who’s Who

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Podcast directories and service sites are becoming more and more common, some would say “a dime a dozen”. Sometimes however, one service shows promise and rises to the top of the heap. One such service is Podcaster Who’s Who , … Continued

Blast from the past

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When I started this, I had the big idea to do video casts. Well, that did not last long after I realized the extra work involved in doing video production, along with the fact that I did not have a … Continued

New Video Post Today!

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Well, here is the Germany video. Faith and I lived in Germany back in 94-95. This video is from footage taken in our last 5 months there. This was the first video that we ever took, so it is rough. … Continued

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