RfL Behind the Scenes ep 4: Riff-cast, Olive Garden, and Crap Poetry

Here is RfL Behind the Scenes episode 4. In this episode I talk about the next Riff-Cast, titled, “When I Pondered Death, Taxes, and Lexus Ownership,” which will drop tomorrow evening. I talk about being a part-time steam pirate captain, … Continued

Datamancer, not to be outdone, shows his own new steampunk PC creation!

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Between Jake Von Slatt and Datamancer, also known as Richard “Doc” Nagy, there is some serious steampunk goodness for us to enjoy. After Von Slatt came up with his steampunk keyboard, Datamancer took up the reigns and started to produce … Continued

Abney Park to Play Ravenwood Festival in Arkansas!

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Abney Park, my current band crack, is going to be performing at the Ravenwood Festival in Arkansas on July 12th! This is taking place at George’s Majestic Lounge, located at 519 W Dickson Street, Fayetteville. Arkansas. If you can make … Continued

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