The Royal Court

These are the go to team for Reaching for Lucidity. The cream of the crop. The reason that I do this. I have a lot of great bands on the show, but these guys produce music and have a working attitude that makes me a believer. This is what Reaching for Lucidity is all about. It’s the music, ya know! Welcome to the royal court of Reaching for Lucidity!

The King Of All Independents!
Miles Partridge!
The title says it all. This guy eats, sleeps, and breathes his music with a passion that few can hope to match. Oh yeah, he rocks also! Trully the king of all independents as crowned right here at the Reaching for Lucidity headquarters.

Queen of the Court

Karmyn Tyler

Karmyn’s voice has the ability to both electrify and relax in the same instant. Her over the top talent makes her a perfect Queen for this Royal Court. Karmyn is the entire package, incredible talent, very attractive, and a very humble and warm soul. I am so happy to have her as a part of the RfL family. Let us all show our new Queen some love!

The Queen Mother


Super fan, Super lady, Super Queen Mother! Not only has SuzieTK the mother of the Queen, Karmyn Tyler, but she is a dedicated fan of the RfL show. SuzieTK is the general of her own army of fams which has accounted for more than 700 votes for RfL at the Vital Podcasts registry. Suzie also sends the best gifts and suprises! It is the support of fans like SuzieTK that makes doing RfL enjoyable. Even with that, Suzie would still be a Royal Court member for one important fact, she brought us KARMYN! I am very happy to have SuzieTK in the RfL family. Head over to SuzieTK’s myspace and show some love to the Queen Mother!

Chief of Instruction and Axe wielding

Chris Juergensen

What can be said about our Chief of instruction and axe wielding other than he is so damn good with his blues rock guitar work, he had to teach others as well. A fine addition to the Royal Court!

Lady of the keys and Kickass Songwriting
Cheryl b. engelhardt
Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Amazing songwriter, perfect on the piano, and sings like an angel, and the first people’s choice in the Royal Court. All this describes Cheryl B. Engelhardt to a tee! Now all she needs is a title in the court, get your ideas in folks!

Ambassador of the Realm
The first non-musical member of the court! Angel is the best ambassador of “Reaching for Lucidity”, hands down. Thus she now holds the crown of “Ambassador of the Realm”. Go visit her site by clicking her pic above!

Ministers of Propaganda

Kelvin R. and Horus the wine drinking dog!
Kelvin and his trusty sidekick Horus have been spreading the word of RfL far and wide for some time now. Propaganda rules!

Minister of Information and Intel

Brendan Bolger
Brendan is always doing his part to help keep the segments on the show lively by providing news and stories on an almost daily basis. A great listener and friend of the show!

Ministers of Crunch!
Darque Carnival!
This band from Nevada will kick your ass! Pure, fully loaded sonic assault is what you can expect from these guys. They seem to channel the best of the metal gods while never sounding dirivative. Trully they live up to the title of minsters of crunch.

Knights of the Realm!
Rising Conviction!
These guys are the warriors in every aspect. Since I debuted them on the cast the feedback has been terrific. These guys are spreading the word of rock! Watch them though, don’t be taken in by their conservative stage gear. They will rock you till you bleed!

Advisors of Asskicking!
Rocket City Riot!
Fun, pure fun, and then even more fun. This is pure rock that raises the roof and makes you sweat. The energy that these guys put out always brings the cast to the boiling point. Sleazy, dirty, and just plain great! You can’t help but feel it when these guys are on.

Wizard of the Realm with Ivory Keys!
Rob Costlow!
Not everyday here is a sonic assault. Wed is the day of relaxation and Rob Costlow holds court while the others rest. Rob’s haunting and beautiful piano pieces are a perfect fit for the relaxing day that is The Wednesday Coffee House here at RfL. Moving music to say the least. I dare you to listen to Rob and not find yourself drifting into dream-like thoughts.

Wizards of all things Sonic!
Hungry Lucy!
Another fan favorite for Sundays. The haunting and ambient tunes that Hungry Lucy produce are a perfect counterpoint to Rob Costlows piano on the Wednesday Coffee House. Hungry Lucy definately has earned the title by spreading such magical sounds through the Reaching for Lucidity realm!

Lords and Ladies of the Court

Barry Mc Cabe



The Negatones

The Substitutes

Waiting for Decay

Artificial Inteligence In Texas


The Golden Gods



Plastic Soul Band

Where She Wept

Marina V

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