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I am electronic musician Senator Jaiz.

I compose electronic music in the ambient, New Age, trip-hop, orchestral, and IDM genres, among others. My music has been described as quirky, relaxing, and cinematic, although not at the same time. My influences are Aphex Twin, Vangelis, Brian Eno, Jean Michel Jarre, The Orb, Gary Numan, and Massive Attack. I am now venturing into film music after a few successful experiments and scoring short films and videos for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

I also perform spoken word monologues set to my own compositions as Eban Crawford. I add live controlled video elements to my performances to create an immersive multimedia experience.

I am co-owner of the local Raleigh label Reaching for Lucidity. RfL is the home of artist SkidmatiK, the band Oregano Wrathbone, and my work as both Senator Jaiz and Eban Crawford.

I was able to bring my educational workshop, “No Permission Needed: Create” to Moogfest in 2016-17. This is focused on bringing out the wonderful creativity in all of us through music. I have also brought the workshop to local Raleigh High Schools and to NC State University. I am always ready to give the workshop so hit the “contact or booking‘ link to get in touch.

By day, I am the composer, sound exhibit designer, and audio engineer for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. So basically I am always creating something and working with sound.

I hope you enjoy my music. If so, drop an email or a comment and let me know.


Now for the story of Senator Jaiz!

The story of Senator Jaiz goes back to the mid 90”s. Originally Jaiz was a nickname given to me while I lived in Germany. The name stuck and I soon added the Senator part as I thought it sounded a bit creepy.

Once back in the states, Senator Jaiz became the name of a short-lived punk band. We recorded one demo, fought with each other, and then broke up. I re-recorded the demo, removing all the parts I did not play, and used Cakewalk, an early DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), to fill in the gaps. That was the beginning of my using the computer to compose. I still had a long way to go.

I let the Senator Jaiz thing die for a bit, although SJ always remained in my consciousness as an alter ego of sorts. Once I became a professional podcaster with The Reaching for Lucidity Indie Music Blast and signed to Podshow (Mevio) in 2005, Senator Jaiz became my co-host. As with any proper alter ego I voiced both parts and actually had conversations with myself. With the podcast I tapered off on making music and focused on promoting indie artists.

This time at Podshow led me to create the RfL Animated Adventures in 2008, which featured Senator Jaiz as a character. He was the 485-year-old little red demon boy from the 5th Dimension. The series lasted for five episodes.

After being  cut from the Mevio roster in 2010, the podcast trailed off after 400+ episodes. I began experimenting and producing music again seriously. Armed with Ableton Live, Senator Jaiz had another life as my new solo act and again my alter Ego!

And away we go!

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