Check out my new microphone: The Ball from BLUE, Sound Test and review!

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Head over to Reaching for Lucidity: The Blog, where I have a review up of my new favorite piece of equipment, my “The Ball” microphone from BLUE–That is Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics–and also hear a sound sample. I can’t wait … Continued

A Gift for Fans Of Reaching for Lucidity: Better Sound! The Ball Microphone from BLUE Review

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I know, I know, how pompous can I be. But I meant that partially in jest. But even in jest, you will be getting better sound from RfL. You may remember yesterday I said I was happy to be getting … Continued

The Reason I no Longer Trust Oprah, Even though I think She Should Be a Person of Respect

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Chuck Norris wrote an op-ed for WorldNet Daily talking about Oprah’s latest project. The project will be a webinar of a program built around a book by an author named Tolle which is pretty much another New Age type guide … Continued

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